Monday, 4 February 2019

reactive oxygen

Mitochondrial dysfunction of cells would raise the degree of reactive oxygen molecules like superoxide anion and hydrogen peroxide. During glycolysis and increased generation of carbohydrates, the degree of the molecules fall.

In a research on the impact of a ketogenic diet characterized by getting 90 percent of their energy of carbs and 8 percent of those proteins in patients treated by radiotherapy, a rise in the degree of tumor proteins ruined from the reactive species had been detected. oxygen.

autoimmune disease

A blood amount determined by the ratio triglycerides / cholesterol is a fantastic predictive sign of disorder (though the AA / EPA ratio is much better). That prediction covers virtually any chronic illness, from cancer, diabetes, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease, celiac disease or esophageal disorder

The foods which produce greater decompensation from the ratio are the ones which increase triglycerides and cause a situation with elevated and proinflammatory sugar and insulin. These foods are processed carbohydrates, high glycemic index, dependent on grain released by man in comparatively late stages of development, for our genes haven't yet used to the very long term, even though the brief, according to the occurrence of certain salivary enzymes to enhance them.